Lebbis and Jansen overdrive by 2004 (2004) Full Movie

Lebbis and Jansen overdrive by 2004
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Watch Lebbis and Jansen overdrive by 2004 (2004) : Movie Online "To offer a counterbalance to the ever-hardening society make Lebbis and Jansen this year once a very different New Year's Eve ... no hard jokes, no insults, no shouting together, and certainly no links to all these terrible events of 2004. Lebbis Jansen and choose this year for poetry, for the warmth of the fireplace fire, for the touching story and especially to respect. "And this is absolute nonsense. Bullshit. Bullshit. Blah Blah Blah. A vergaderig of the LPF. A tactical discussion with the county. The setlist Gerard Joling Lebbis and Jansen go to this New Year's Eve DVD over everything that you can go over it. Now even harder! Now even higher! Now even funnier! Now oudejaarser, of course, but also a timeless document of two men in a turbulent time, two stand up comedians respects absolutely nothing and nobody, two well-built men who bear politically correct wristband as a cock ring. Because they can!

Title Lebbis and Jansen overdrive by 2004
Release Date Dec 31, 2004
Genres ,
Production Company
Production Countries Netherlands
Casts Hans Sibbel, Dolf Jansen
Plot Keywords cabaret, stand-up comedy,
Hans Sibbel
Dolf Jansen
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