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Bisbee '17
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Watch Bisbee '17 (2018) : Movie Online It’s 2017 in Bisbee, Arizona, an old copper-mining town just miles from the Mexican border. The town’s close-knit community prepares to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Bisbee’s darkest hour: the infamous Bisbee Deportation of 1917, during which 1,200 striking miners were violently taken from their homes, banished to the middle of the desert, and left to die. Townspeople confront this violent, misunderstood past by staging dramatic recreations of the escalating strike. These dramatized scenes are based on subjective versions of the story and “directed,” in a sense, by residents with conflicting views of the event. Deeply personal segments torn from family history build toward a massive restaging of the deportation itself on the exact day of its 100th anniversary.

Title Bisbee '17
Release Date Sep 05, 2018
Genres ,
Production Company Impact Partners
Production Countries United States of America
Casts Fernando Serrano, Laurie Mckenna, Ray Family, Graeme Family, Mike Anderson, Richard Hodges, James West
Fernando Serrano
Laurie Mckenna
Ray Family
Graeme Family
Mike Anderson
Richard Hodges
James West
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