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Chor Bazaar
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Watch Chor Bazaar (1954) : Movie Online Circa the Mughal Rule in the Persian Gulf, a noble man asks his soldiers to bring a man trustworthy enough to commit a crime. The soldiers go to the Chor Bazar, where they find a beggar-cum-thief, Yusuf Ustad, and bring him before the noble man. The noble man asks Yusuf to abduct and kill the child, who will be the future king. Greedy Yusuf accepts the offer, but is unable to kill the cherubic child, and ends up abducting him, leaving evidence in blood to show that the child has been killed. The young prince is thus brought on to the streets of this Chor Bazar where he will grow up, and be destined to spend the rest of his life as a thief and beggar.

Title Chor Bazaar
Release Date Jan 01, 1954
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Casts Shammi Kapoor
Shammi Kapoor
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